Boardwalk was formed last summer in Los Angeles, Calif. by Mike Edge and Amber Quintero. They were soon joined by Mark Noseworthy on lead guitar. Their first self-titled album will be released this year on Stones Throw Records.

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#juliaholter did a Boardwalk remix! Plus- original stems were released today for anyone to make their own remix for #stonesthrow

Ashley’s evil laugh as she sprays me with the hose.

Vitamin C drip. Can’t believe how brave I was.

See that sad face? Helps him write sad songs 😞


Look who I found in my yard! How do I get her to eat carrots out if my hands?


Wasn’t Nono dreamy?

A mis soledades voy,
de mis soledades vengo,
porque para andar conmigo
me bastan mis pensamientos.